Pampa is a suite located in the original historic building, with a living room on the ground floor and a bedroom on the first floor, ideal for long term stays, with a window to the inner patio and access from the lobby. It echoes the Argentine countryside, with its palenques (a fence used to settle a barrier between areas) and tientos(leather tie) and its wheat yellow and earthy colors. Decorated with gaucho touches and set with representative items from our beloved Argentine pampa.


  • 26,9 m²
  • Living room on the ground floor
  • Upstairs bedroom
  • Queen size bed
  • Bathroom with bathtub
  • Microwave
  • Fridge
  • Electric kettle


Shared kitchen

Equipped with coffee maker, stove, electric oven and cutlery. Indoors living room with tables and chairs. Patio with armchairs.

Our garden

Three levels where you can rest and enjoy outdoors recreation with your friends : a traditional checkerboard patio, a level with a grill and a solarium. Our paradise in the heart of the city.

Our dance rooms

Two bright dance rooms with large mirrors and floors designed for dancing tango.



Fee WiFi

For all the guests in the hotel, in every space and in the school.

Free group classes

Lodging includes group classes, free for the guests.

Discounts on private classes

Guests have priority in booking private classes and for special discounts.

Booking for milongas

We help you choosing the milongas and we accompany you in the booking process.

Group outings
We make the groups and we join you to the milongas and other places you are interested in.
Rehearsal rooms

Rehearsal rooms to practice, free for guests in available schedules.

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