Tango School and Boutique Hotel

Stay in our hotel and immerse yourself in the tango experience

Bright rooms

Such as our room Patagonia, with a balcony to the street

Learning and fun

We always have a great time in our tango classes

Our garden

A silent paradise in the middle of the city where to enjoy of great moments

All levels

In our school you can learn social and professional tango

Wide rooms

Excellent for long term lodgings. The Conventillo is a functional loft

Communication and body register

To be conscious of our bodies in connection with others is the chosen approach in the individual technique classes and both roles classes

San Telmo, art and history

Mariposita is part of its neighbourghood in both areas, culture and architecture

Individual technique

We teach the specific features of the role you choose to practice

The hotel patio

A place designed to meet with friends and prepare your outings to milonga

In the school we teach tango using a method created by our director, Carolina Bonaventura. A method which is systematic, constantly evolving, comprehensive and friendly.

Método Bonaventura
Boutique Hotel

Stay in our place

and immerse yourself in the tango experience.

Ask for private or group classes

In person classes




Both roles

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We see in depth the technical and individual concepts in both roles, to develop coordination and expression


Concepts on tango salon


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This class is focused on communication, deep comprehension of movements, concepts and its variants on the dance floor, which will allow the student to develop impro in both roles.