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Why the name Mariposita?

In the long months on tour many years ago, I heard a tango, its name was Mariposita. I repeatedly played it during the classes because I liked its melody and because its message excited me. Let’s return to the essence, returning to that what really matters.
Mariposita wants to be a place of essence, a meeting place where we can venture into the endless world of tango. In addition, de San Telmo, because that is where the butterfly rests its wings.

In a deceptive world.

Let’s go back to before!

Give me your arm and let’s go!

Mariposita tango created in 1941. Music by Anselmo Aieta and lyrics by Francisco Garcia Jimenez

Tango 1941
Música: Anselmo Aieta
Letra: Francisco García Jiménez

A bandoneon
with its sad breath.
The night in the crystal
of the cup and the bar
and of the times past…
My heart
with its drunken emotion.
And in another voice, the voice
of the vulgar history,
speaks of my vulgar pain…

girl of my neighborhood,
I look for you in the downtown,
I look and do not find you,
Following this ordeal
with the cross of the same mistake.
I look for you because perhaps
we will go arm in arm…
You were wrong with your lullaby
of throbbing silk,
and I with my confusion
of delirious dreams,
in a deceptive world.
Let’s go back to before!
Give me your arm and let’s go!

Neither you nor I
know what was lost.
neither where the good, nor the bad,
had a final day
and another day began…
I drink more
because this night you will come.
My heart you will see;
but I have to drink more…
so much more!

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