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Efecto Mariposita | What is


The global recognition of the tango and its recent incorporation into the “culture of humanity” appeals to us profoundly as our culture, because today more than ever, in the concert of nations the tango calls to us from our cultural tradition to realize and sustain a profound dynamic of protection, interpretation, and constant transmission of its reality, in order to open ourselves in a positive way and to contribute our riches to the multicultural context of the world today.

To respond seriously to this call implies a wholehearted respect for its deep roots and constantly updating their authentic living through time and various places. Without reducing it solely to any of the fields of development, spectacular, academic, or otherwise. However, fostering an organic integration of all to enrich its content and expression.


With Efecto Mariposita, we want to highlight one particularly to the constituent elements of tango, which brings great wisdom to address the main issue of national and international order: the social factor. Suffice it to recall the in the context of social deprivation and neglect from which comes the tango, you can glimpse the character of multiculturalism which has built the music, dance, and lyrics.


To train and educate the general public, professionals, and teachers of tango dancing, the ability to act with social sensitivity, taking into account the individual demands and national and regional requirements with strength, responsibility, critical and thoughtful thinking, creative mentality, and ethical sense;

To promote and develop the Teaching Method of Mariposita de San Telmo;

To preserve, promote, and enrich the national culture;

To develop integration ties with other communities of tango lovers;

To form a network of meetings and activities that promotes the meeting and celebration.


The first experience was in 2008 on the Island of Martinique in the French Antilles. It had its second and third edition in November of 2009 and January of 2011. With a full schedule of seminars, conference, and intense cultural exchange.

This project, Efecto Mariposita in Martinique, is continuously developing with the “Club Regina Coco”, President Marie-France Coco. The intensive week of 2009 was sponsored by the government of the City of Buenos Aires through the resolution no. 3032.

In our country, the Efecto Mariposita took flight to the north of the province of Santa Fe in December of 2009, a project whose objective was, and still is to spread the tango in the north of the province of Santa Fe. Working in conjunction with the tango school Mala Junta from the city of Reconquista directed by Pablo Manassero. This project is also sponsored by the Government of the City of Buenos Aires through resolution no. 430.

Those two anchors were the origins and impetus for this grand project that make us proud.

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