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Technique classes

Dancing tango is a challenging movement, emotionally and intellectually profound, it is a surrender, it is a creation, it is an improvisation, it is the here and now, it is a unique moment and unrepeatable. It is an encounter.

The tango technique is the way, because first we feel it in the body, we adapt it, we become aware of its possibilities, and in this process there is the expression. I find that I feel and know that I have to deliver on that next magical encounter that is waiting for me.”

The tango, as a dance of improvisation, requires a thorough understanding of oneself, of oneself in the movement, of oneself with the music, and each other.

In my technique classes, my role is to facilitate the student’s recognition of one’s body, its dimension in space, the points of stability, responsiveness, sensitivity, energy, mechanics of movement, deepening the understanding of music, and knowledge of self-expression.

We are always in search of opportunities and not constraints. In order to understand the dance, I need to know the mechanisms and the functions of dance, such as driving the body to dance and always to leaving the possibilities open and unstructured. So that we can actually create in pairs. We can improvise. We can encounter each other.

Carolina Bonaventura

Carolina’s classes possess her own pedagogic style that combines the deep physical and anatomical knowledge of the body, the technique of tango as a discipline, and her experience as a renowned dancer. In her classes, Carolina motivates the students to achieve the connection with the body and the energy, teaching the reasons behind each movement. Carolina guides her students using her profound knowledge of tango technique that is characterized by precision and accuracy. Her classes provide stimuli and challenges that make the student feel gratified by the learning process and the satisfaction of learning.

Her teaching skills, her ability to read subtle body movements, her deep knowledge of dance technique in general and tango in particular, and her pursuit of excellence come together to make these classes a revealing experience for any dancer regardless of gender.

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