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Tango dancing is an art. In Mariposita School of Tango we can introduce the tango to you if you don´t know it, we can help you to perfect it if you practice it, and share the magic if you already dance it.


In 2007, the Tango School of the Mariposita de San Telmo opened its doors. The Mariposita was created and directed by Carolina Bonaventura, with different and complementary lines of approach to tango; social, technical, research, and training. Mariposita provides complete training for dancers of tango salón and tango escenario.

Teaching method

Mariposita de San Telmo has a developed a comprehensive educational system, dedicated to the transmission of pure tango.
Preserving the essence of tango, at Mariposita we inform the students about the technical aspects, the working posture, and the connection with others, the concept of embracing, the musicality, and working in the space, either on the dance floor or on stage.
To learn more about the method see Mariposita de San Telmo Teaching System.

Regular classes

In Mariposita, regular classes are taught for all levels from beginners to professionals.
In the school, students will find classes covering topics such as tango salón, technique for women, technique for men, milonga, vals, musicality, and classes oriented especially towards tango escenario.

Choreography groups

Mariposita de San Telmo offers its students training in two modes choreography, tango salón and tango escenario. The group proposal is inclusive to all lovers of tango studying in the school. We prioritize teamwork, shared activity, social encounter, engagement, memorizing sequences, musicality, and space management through learning and practice of group choreography. These groups make presentations in Buenos Aires and Argentine provinces participating in meetings and cultural exchanges with other choreography groups affiliated with Mariposita.

Butterfly effect

Mariposita goes beyond its neighborhood of San Telmo. The school proposes active training through its educational system that can be performed by modules in any part of Argentina, Buenos Aires and abroad.
The Butterfly Effect proposal has different levels of commitment and shared goals. For details on this proposal, see Butterfly Effect.

Seminars and class cycles

Mariposita offers its students training extensions in the form of class cycles and seminars taking place throughout the year. Through the cycles, students can deepen their understanding of specific topics in an intensive way.

Social events

Tango is a social dance. It is synonymous with social gatherings and Mariposita organizes tango parties for students of the Tango School and their guests.
The spirit of these parties is the celebration of tango, the dancing, and sharing an activity that brings us together and unites us.
Mariposita also organizes a weekly práctica for tango, milonga, and vals as additional training and a way for the students to apply the knowledge gained in class to the dance floor.