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Tango Choreography Group

Group of San Telmo choreographic Mariposita

Idea and direction: Carolina Bonaventura
Choreography: Carolina Bonaventura & Francisco Forquera


Mariposita San Telmo offers its students choreographic training in tango salon and stage tango. The proposals are inclusive to all the lovers of tango who study in the school. We prioritize teamwork, the shared activity, the social encounter, the commitment, the memorization of sequences, the musicality, and the management of space over the course of learning and practice of group choreographies. These groups make presentations in Buenos Aires and Argentine provinces participating in meetings and cultural exchanges with other choreographic groups adhering to the Efecto Mariposita.


The choreographic groups arose from the interest in assembling choreographies that can be performed by the lovers of tango. They are amateur tango dancers who enjoy dancing tango and who wish to do a little more. The quest is to share a challenge and one activity together, the objective is not to become a professional dancer but to share, although we make it from a place of discipline and respect.
The first group was born in December of 2007 as the exhibition of students of the Tango School Mariposita San Telmo, since then Carolina Bonaventura and Francisco Forquera have directed these groups, creating choreographic groups in other cities of Argentina the world. Spreading the Efecto Mariposita.
From those groups arose, actual champions and dancers who now work professionally, although this is not the specific objective of these groups.


Develop the feeling of the group
Learning group choreography
Get serious training
Musical work and space work
Have a good time
Share an activity

How to participate

Be a student of Mariposita San Telmo or belong to the Efecto Mariposita
Come with a partner
Do not miss the rehearsals
Commit yourself to the work and with it group


La Milonguita. CABA.
La Baldosa. CABA.
“Un encuentro con la Danza”. Campana. Provincia de Bs. As.

Milonga Martin Fierro, Avellaneda. CABA.
Milonga Die Angel. Escobar. Provincia de Bs. As.

Club Español. CABA.
La Baldosa. CABA.
La Milonguita. CABA.
Zorro Plateao. CABA.
Teatro Seminari de Escobar. Provincia de Bs. As.

La Nacional. CABA
9th Mundial de Tango de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires.
Efecto Mariposita in Reconquista, Santa Fe.
Event for McDonald´s. CABA.
Sunderland. CABA.
Senado de la Nación.CABA.

Efecto Mariposita in Santiago de Chile. Chile