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El Conventillo (Buenos Aires-La Boca) 40m2

This suite is located in the century-old house with direct access from the lobby. It has two stories, the living, dining room and kitchenette are on the ground floor and the bedroom is on the 1st floor. It is an ideal room for long term stays. It has a large balcony facing the street. This suite recreates an interior of the ‘conventillos’ (old apartment buildings) of the La Boca neighborhood, with an easy going atmosphere, colorful and happy, allowing the guest to live the magic of this intense city, Buenos Aires.
La Boca, one of the most re-known neighborhoods in Buenos Aires, where the large post-war Italian inmigrants, with their spirit, and the gifted artists and ‘fileteadores’ founded this neighborhood shown in its splendor by the magical and colorful ‘conventillos’.

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