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Project history

By Carolina Bonaventura

Mariposita was born in my imagination 11 years ago when I asked myself how I wanted my career as a dancer to go, a question in passing, generally the desire was “I want to own a tango school”.

So in 2001, I started to develop an idea with the unconditional help of my mother. Neither the place nor the means existed to achieve it and it was a huge challenge but we knew that it was our dream and that we were going to achieve it.

When finally, after three long years of looking, when we finally found a place, everything was already thought out.
The concept of Mariposita, its philosophy, its spirit, its aesthetics, its colors, and its energy.

The work proceeded without concessions thanks to the talent of Horacio Vazquez, our beloved architect, the work and the support of many people that believed in this project, and the help of God.

Today Mariposita, my dream, this spirit, this meeting place awaits all those who live like Mario Benedetti said, “not choosing to stay by the wayside and be saved”. I invite those who believe that life is commitment, dedication, and creativity.

Each tango that one dances is a work of art, and every time that we meet, we celebrate that creation. For me, to dance tango is a celebration. Moreover, I hope to share it with all those who choose Mariposita.

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