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Dancing tango is a challenging movement, emotionally and intellectually profound, it is a surrender, it is a creation, it is an improvisation, it is the here and now, it is a unique moment and unrepeatable. It is an encounter.

Why the need for a method

Because the tango is my culture, it is my means of expression and it is a complete and complex discipline that requires a method of transmission in order to be taught and understood from multiple dimensions.

The tango is universal, an intangible heritage of humanity, it is a culture, an art, a discipline and a pure creation.
Because it is a dance of improvisation, it requires a thorough understanding of oneself, of oneself within the movement, of oneself with the music, and of oneself with another.

To transmit art is to teach the technical elements, the mechanisms, and the operations so that afterwards, the dancer can compose and express. It is not to teach closed boxes, following stereotypes, memorizing sequences, imitating movements; from there transmission cannot exist.

My philosophy is different: give the information but delineate it, accompany the studnet in the process of learning and afterwards collaborate with the student to pay attention to their body and avoid doing things to damage it. The important thing is to obtain the personal expression, to be oneself; the spirit of tango is the improvisation, to dance it requires that everyone can express himself or herself.

To teach is to accompany the student, to know when the student is ready for a range of options. It is not so immediate; it is a process in which new doors are constantly being opened. Body awareness, technical knowledge, musical appreciation, and use of the space are fundamental points in the transmission of tango.

I am seeking, along with the students, to achieve good encounters. For that reason, I give the students information from different perspectives, so that they understand the mechanisms, the body positions, the technique, the music, the movement, and the energy among other things. This comprehension of the dance makes the union with another feel pleasant. I do not mean perfect refinement of the dancing, but the quality of the encounter with the other person.

Every time we dance tango, we build a work of art with another person. It is in the here and now. It is unique and unrepeatable. That is why it requires both to dance it and to transmit it. When that creation is realized, there is a celebration. For me, the tango is a celebration and I want my students to discover it.

Carolina Bonaventura