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Mariposita is an integrative concept, a place to live a unique experience with the tango.
Mariposita concept, philosophy, and spirit found their place in an antiquated house in a neighborhood of tango, San Telmo, redesigned and expanded, conserving the original style, incorporating modern concepts, thus creating an unrivaled atmosphere for a unique experience.
Mariposita de San Telmo is a tango school, boutique hotel, and a place for events and expansion.

Mariposita boutique hotel

When I created Mariposita I thought of it as a place where people would feel like staying. The ideal of Mariposita was a hotel for one to live with the tango, with the possibility to experience the school of dance. It is like living in the here and now of the tango: to live the energy of art. In Mariposita, while having breakfast, you can see a class or rehearsal. It is like being in the kitchen and sensing the aroma of what is cooking. The idea of the hotel is to have this experience: not only enjoying the amenities of the hotel, but also the experience of living the tango. We are not a hotel that has tango classes; Mariposita is a tango school that has a hotel. It is novel concept, thus the experience is extraordinary.

Mariposita tango school

The space of Mariposita already had a spirit: of openness and expansion. I always wanted to give the tango the place that it deserves, with the corresponding physical and cultural space. Tango is a complete and complex discipline. I never wanted to reduce it because it is not reducible. The tango, itself, tells you: ‘I am expansive, I am universal’. Therefore, if the tango as a cultural fact in itself is expansive, and continues throughout history, it deserves a place for its height and also the creation of height. From this place, I drew up and developed a system and a method of teaching that brings the students closer to the complexity and immensity of tango. At Mariposita we ensure that everyone discovers what they want to express, we accompany them through the process of learning, offering different classes for each student to find their own course. The people are important to us and they express themselves through tango.

Mariposita events and expansion

Mariposita creates and builds events related to your spirit and ideas, within Mariposita and outside of it.
In Mariposita we organize exclusive weeks of intensive tango study, with lodging and intensive learning programs.
In Mariposita we also organize tango shows.
We have a program called Efecto Mariposita, that is an intensive system of education outside of Mariposita. We perform tango shows in Argentina and worldwide. We have a dance company that is called Mestizaje Tango that is performing shows in Argentina and around the world.

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