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Idea & direction

Before finding the physical place, Mariposita was an idea. It came eleven years ago when I asked myself how I wanted to continue my career as a dancer and teacher of tango. I thought it was fundamental to have a place to develop all the ideas, concepts, and crucially, the spirit. That last characteristic, the spirit, was the reason the place was selected. So that when one enters Mariposita they feel something, and that is because it was not chosen only for the building or the opportunity. First, there existed a spirit, a concept, that was found in a place, and from there, it was developed. Everything was thought of and dreamed of with anticipation: the colors, the style of the floor, the lighting of the space for learning, the connection with the green space outside. Everything is arranged so that the tango is associated with the positives of meeting with another person to dance, with the music, and with the expression.

If I am transmitting an art, there must be art in everything; art on the walls and on the floor, too, in the way of serving coffee and in that, the tango can breathe. The space of Mariposita already had a spirit: one of openness and expansion. I always wanted to give the tango the place that it deserves, the corresponding physical and the cultural place. Tango is a complete and complex discipline. I never wanted to reduce it because it is not reducible. The tango, itself, tells you: ‘I am expansive, I am universal’. Therefore, if the tango as a cultural fact in itself is expansive, and continues throughout history, it deserves a place for its height and also the creation of height.

From this place, I drew up and developed a system and a method of teaching that brings the students closer to the complexity and immensity of tango.
At Mariposita we ensure that everyone discovers what they want to express, we accompany them through the process of learning, offering different classes for each student to find their own course. The people are important to us and through the tango, they can find what they want.

The tango is an improvisational dance; each time that we dance, we build a work of art. Everytime that the creation appears, there is a celebration. For me, the tango is a celebration and I want my students to discover and celebrate it in Mariposita.

Carolina Bonaventura