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Efecto Mariposita | How to participate

Levels of Participation

Mariposita de San Telmo offers comprehensive training to tango lovers of all levels, it has a strong dedication to social tango, tango for professionals, technique for men and women, and a teaching method oriented to transmit the tango from is essence, utilizing the technique so that each student can express themselves in their own way.

This type of training is what Mariposita develops in its studio in Buenos Aires and now in different places in Argentina and the world.

This program ads the possibility that Mariposita can offer students the opportunity to come stay in its hotel and receive an intense training when they come to Buenos Aires.

Level 1

Regular Seminars


Training seminars and/or formation of choreographic groups

Level 3

Seminars, training seminars, choreographic groups, meetings of Efecto Mariposita

Level 4

Foundation School or association attached to Mariposita de San Telmo

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