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Efecto Mariposita


Efecto Mariposita, founded and directed by Carolina Bonaventura, is the phenomenon that her tango school, is developing in the world and within the country of Argentina.

Absorbing the wisdom that defines the tango, not from the theories, but in and through your life experience itself, with the help of the dance under the Método de Enseñanza Mariposita de San Telmo, we are establishing together with the provinces of the country of Argentina as with other countries, a network of participation, interaction and social integration that promotes the values of unity, the openness to, the respect for, and the necessity of the otherness with which we recognize, integrate, and discuss with each other. Tango is a dance to which today- it would be naïve to deny- we are called to dance from all cultures from the interior of our nation and the exterior of the world.

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