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Regular Classes Description of levels

The levels that we offe, are just suggested levels, do not exclude people taking the class, if you have any doubts or questions, contact us for more information
Los temas de trabajo descriptos en cada nivel son solamente orientativos y generales.
The description of topics in each level are only general in order to orientate yourselves.
En todas las clases se trabajara la circulación en la pista y la musicalidad.
In all the classes, we work on the circulation of the dance floor and the musicality

All Levels (AL)

From pre-intermediate level, it is not requested that you have specific knowledge to participate in the class.

Beginners (1)

Orientado a personas sin ningún conocimiento previo que quieran experimentar sus primeros pasos en el tango. El objetivo es lograr que los alumnos manejen el concepto de abrazo, el concepto de marcar y seguir en combinaciones de movimientos sencillos.

This is to oriéntate the students who have no previous knowledge and experiment with their first steps in tango. The objective is to teach the students to understand the concept of the tango frame (abrazo) and the concept of lead and follow with simple combined movements.

Pre-intermediate (2)

For students with mimimum knowledge – pivots and walkings.
In this level the student re-enforces the concepts of walkings and changing direction, combination in place and the introduction of turns amongst other things.

Intermediate I (3)

Mimimum knowledge of pivots, walkings and turns.
This level incorporates the concept of the sacada, arrastres and dancing in the correct direction on the dance floor, amongst other things.

Intermediate II (4)

Minmum knowledge of walkings, turns, arrastres and sacadas.
In this level we work with complete turns, turns with elements, planeos, lapices, simple enrosques, womens sacadas, combinations of walkings, circulation of the dance floor and the concept of musicality

Advance I (5)

Concepts of boleos, enrosques for both male and female, the needle, complete sacadas and combinations of sacadas.

Advance II (6)

Advanced combinations and change of dynamic movements quality and musicality.

Professionals (P)

For professional tango dancers looking to improve their technique and expression.

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