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Regular Classes Classes description

Tango salón

The tango salón classes are focus in educate social tango dancers with a solid technique base, with musical orientation and deep knowledge about circulation on the dance floor.

Tango salón – deepening

The goal of this class is to deepen the awareness of the roles of male and female, detailing the movement both in concept and implementation. It enriches the knowledge of improvisation for the student.

Technique for women

These classes are for body awareness and focus on the movement being driven from the energy of the body. They are for the perception and body conditioning. Learning and practising specific skills of tango. The awareness and concepts applied to the music. Men can attend this class. One needs to bring socks and tango shoes. It is better to wear trousers.

Technique for men

A fitness orientated class with rhythm and body co-ordination, movement to the Music. To master the specific techniques of tango in the man’s role. Women can attend this class.

Tango stage

Classes focus on learning sequences for the stage, jumping and partner techniques, dynamic changes, how to use the stage space and how to express movements in relation to the music.
Expressive elements for the stage.


The objective is to understand the specific movements of milonga and use the rhythm in the milonga. We teach the movements of milonga lisa and milonga traspie, combining the elements in relation to the rhythm.


The goal is to learn the musical aspects, movements particular to waltz and the execution in relation to the Music.

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