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Carolina Bonaventura is a dancer, teacher, director, and choreographer of tango and comprehensive arts training. Over the past two decades, her professional career has developed in two distinct and complimentary areas, the educational and the artistic, with the same intensity and dedication.

In the year 2007, Carolina created Mariposita de San Telmo, a space dedicated to tango. In the school, she develops her teaching and artistic activities. She teaches regular classes specializing in individual technique, technique for couples, tango salon, tango escenario, and choreography training.

As a choreographer, she directs the choreographic groups of Mariposita and expands the diffusion of tango and the porteña culture in Argentina and throughout the world through a program called Efecto Mariposita. Since September of 2009, she has choreographed and directed the Compañía Mestizaje Tango.

Conserving the purest tango acquired through the body language is what allows her to create without losing the traditional essence. Through searching and constant adaptation, she incorporated elements from other disciplines that complimented her interpretive capacity.

Precision, perception, and broad technical mastery allowed her to achieve fine musical appreciation that is focused on innovation without losing the traditional essence of tango.

Regarding her formal education, Carolina has a degree in political science, which gave her the ability to envision the abstract concepts necessary to create her own teaching method.