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Carolina Bonaventura is a dancer, teacher, director, and choreographer of tango and comprehensive arts training. Over the past two decades, her professional career has developed in two distinct and complimentary areas- the educational and the artistic- with the same intensity and dedication.

Conserving the purest tango acquired through the body language is what allows her to create without losing the traditional essence. Through searching and constant adaptation, she incorporated elements from other disciplines that complimented her interpretive capacity.
Precision, perception, and broad technical mastery allowed her to achieve fine musical appreciation that is focused on innovation without losing the traditional essence of tango.
Her formal academic training gave her the ability to envision the abstract concepts necessary to create her own teaching method.

In the year 2007, Carolina created Mariposita de San Telmo, a space dedicated to tango. In the school, she develops her teaching and artistic activities. She teaches regular classes specializing in individual technique, technique for couples, tango salon, tango escenario, and choreography training. As a choreographer, she directs the choreographic groups of Mariposita and expands the diffusion of tango and the porteña culture in Argentina and throughout the world through a program called Efecto Mariposita. Since September of 2009, she has choreographed and directed the Compañía Mestizaje Tango.

Carolina’s classes possess her own pedagogic style that combines the deep physical and anatomical knowledge of the body, the technique of tango as a discipline, and her experience as a renowned dancer. In her classes, Carolina motivates the students to achieve the connection with the body and the energy, teaching the reasons behind each movement. Carolina guides her students using her profound knowledge of tango technique that is characterized by precision and accuracy. Her classes provide stimuli and challenges that make the student feel gratified by the learning process and the satisfaction of learning.


Participated in the following shows: “Tango Venus” (Japan 2004) directed by Silvia Toscano, “Copes Tango Show” (Bs As 2003), “Fantasía de Tango” (Gent 2002) together with the company All That Tango, “Fascinación de Tango” (Seoul 2002); “Tango Máxima” together with the orchestra Sexteto Canyengue (various cities in Holland 2002); “Chanta Cuatro Tango” (Beirut 2000) directed by Vanina Vilous y Junior among others.
Participated in different shows in Buenos Aires, including: Piazzolla Tango, Copes Tango Copes, El Querandí, La Tangoteca, Taconeando and other; and the documentary “Tango, el espíritu de Argentina” together with the company “Tango Metrópolis” among others.

Teacher and Artist

Participated in important International Festivals in which clarity in teaching and the attention to detail allowed the students to develop their dance in a harmonious and personal manner.
6th & 7th Cosmotango (CITA, Buenos Aires 2004, 2005); 6th Frankfurt Tangotage (Alemania 2005); Campeonato Mundial de Tango Jurado (Buenos Aires 2011); Festival de Tango de Buenos Aires (1999, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005. 2007, 2009,2010 y 2011); 3rd , 4th & 5th World Tango Festival (Buenos Aires 2004, 2005 y 2006); Festival de Tango Cambalache (Uppsala, Suecia 2004); 3º Festival Internacional Barcelona (España, 2004); Festival de Tango en el Castillo Elmau (Alemania, 2004); 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th & 5th International Tango Weeks (Buenos Aires, 2003 al 2006); 1st Doble Ocho Tango Festival (Nijmegen, Holanda 2004), La Noche de la Pasión (Gent, Bélgica 2004); Biezenmortel Festival (Holanda, 2004, 2005, 2006 y 2010); Tango Mágico en Zwolle (Holanda 2002, 2003); Maastrich Tango Festival (Holanda, 2002); VII Bologna Summer Festival (Italia, 2003); TangoCamp Festival (Malmo, Suecia 2001, 2002), Festival de Tango de Nueva Zelanda (2006), Festival de Moscú (2006, 2008, 2009, 2010 y 2012) V Festival de Tango de la Ciudad de San Sebastián (España 2006), Tango Mundo (Palm Spring, California, EEUU 2011), Seoul Tango Festival (2009 y 2010) entre otros.
Carolina has completed numerous international tours to Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Asia, the Middle East, the United States and Europe; visiting a lot of cities making presentations and giving seminars.

Organizer and Director

Directs and organizes her Tango School Mariposita de San Telmo March 2007-Present
1st Festival de Técnica para mujeres, LADIES´ Tango WEEK Marzo 2007
Mujeres Tango Festival Nápoles-Italia. March 2008
Exclusive weeks of tango in Mariposita. 2008-2009
Director and organizer of Efecto Mariposita in Reconquista, Santa Fe, Argentina, Efecto Mariposita in Martinique, French Antilles, Efecto Mariposita in Opatija, Croatia. Efecto Mariposita in Formosa, Efecto Mariposita in Resistencia, Chaco. Sponsored by the city government of Buenos Aires. 2008-2012


“Radio Tango Show” with Mala Junta Tango Co. and Efecto Mariposita, Reconquista, Santa Fe, Argentina. June 2012


Directs, together with Francisco Forquera, the Compañía Mestizaje Tango and the choreographic groups of Mariposita de San Telmo, and the choreographic groups of Efecto Mariposita. 2007-2012
Idea, choreography, and direction of the show Bele-Tango. Martinique. French Antilles.


“A comparative study of popular dance. An approach to the roots of tango.” January 2011 Resident artist for the Maison du Béle de Saint Marie in Martinique. French Antilles.

Competition Judge

Subsede Comodoro Rivadavia of World Championship 2012. Judge in Tango Salón y Escenario. Chubut. Argentina.

Subsede Mendoza/San Juan of World Championship 2012. Judge in Tango Salón y Escenario. Chubut. Argentina.

Metropolitan Championship 2012. Qualifying round. Sunderland. Buenos Aires. Argentina.

2nd Certamen Tango-Danza 2012. Judge Tango Salón and Escenario. Resistencia. Chaco. Argentina.

World Championship 2011. Judge in the semifinal of Tango Salón. Buenos Aires. Argentina.

2nd Festival de Tango Uberlandia 2011. Judge Tango Salón y Escenario. Uberlandia. Brazil.

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